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We use the experience of our business partners. We join the forces of the best companies in the industry to provide the highest quality product.
We manufacture steel structures and our leading product is currently the structures of Padel courts - one of the fastest growing sports in the world. We distribute our products throughout Europe, with particular emphasis on the Scandinavian market.

We produce, assemble and service the structures of padel courts, both from our own and third party production. We rely on proven solutions, as well as introduce technological innovations to improve the aesthetics of the final result.


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We manufacture and assembly Padel Courts in many European countries

Players from the TOP 20 of the world Padel ranking played a tournament on our Panoramic court during Padel EXPO 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Team of Specialists

We use the knowledge and experience of the best in the industry. Our staff consists of field specialists.

We take care of the details

Our constructions are distinguished by attention to detail. We create products of the highest class.

Professional equipment

Both at the production and assembly stages, we use top machines and tools.

Maintenance services

We provide maintenance services both on our own and on external structures.

Our current leading product

Paddle courts

Padel is developing at an incredibly dynamic pace. Currently, its fastest development is recorded in the Scandinavian countries, especially in Sweden. Our experience allows us to be present on the Scandinavian markets. As part of the development of Padel in Europe, we provide:
  • 100% of our production padel courts
  • A wide range of court accessories
  • Assembly of courts of any production
  • Assembly of turf and electrics

The Management Board of PASO XL Sp. z o.o.


Paddle courts
Double, Panorama, Single

Double Standard courts are the most frequently used courts in paddle clubs. They are intended for doubles games. Their size is 10 x 20 m.

Panoramic courts are intended for tournament games. They are devoid of poles on the gable walls, which improves the observation values during the game.

Singles courts are designed for singles. They are perfect for halls where there is not enough space for a Double or Panoramic court.

Typy kortów

Korty do padla
Double, Panorama, Single

Produkujemy wszystkie najpopularniejsze rodzaje kortów do Padla. Korty Double Standard, Korty Panoramiczne oraz Korty Singlowe.

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We support padel organizations
and sports clubs

Our goal, as a Polish company, is to associate sports organizations that serve the development of Padel in Poland and in Europe. We work with the largest associations. We deliver products to the largest Padel centers in Poland.

Our partners

Partners who actively support our goals in the world of Padel in Poland and Europe